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Ashley & Paul

Romantic,In-love and PASSIONATE.

Ashley & Paul are making waves with their 'out of a movie' kind of love. When these two are together, not only is everyone around them immersed in their energy, but trust me, they are too.

Ashley and Paul met at work and didn't actually start dating for a long time after they actually met. Ashley reached out to Paul who was the BOSS guy and before they knew it they were both head over heels for each other.

This shoot was probably thee single FUNNEST shoot everr. Ashley had me laughing from the moment I met her, and Paul has this soft spot that can melt mountains - Together they are a house on fire !

I didn't direct them not one bit because they were just themselves. I am so invested in their relationship at this point - I may as well head to their wedding ! HA

I hope you find just as much joy in their love as I did.

Shoot started out at THE FRENCH of 5th street Naples & moved down the road to the Naples Pier where EVERYONE on the board-walk had to pick their mouths off the floor when they saw Ashley in her white dress, we ended the shoot in the water watching the dolphins play behind them while the Florida sun set.

Wedding theme - Nautical - Massachusetts 

There's no story more romantic than Aladin - well, and these two. We wish we could watch them fly into the sunset on a magical carpet, but for now, watching them smooch and laugh with this Moroccan setting is just as good. 

Ashley and Paul are basically down to do anything - I'm like would you guys been interested in doing this and before I finish Ashley is like YES ! and before I can even turn around they are falling in-love in a carpet store all over again.

I HAD to include these images (inside joke)

Thank You

All Photography by @marielle_beetge_photography 

Locations - Naples Pier / The French / Carpet store next to The French / 5th Avenue