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Welcome to the newest venture of Marielle Beetge Photography.

Social media is changing the world. No more printing flyers and throwing them in peoples car, just to have them later thrown in the bin and then later into the ocean. NO. Social media can change your business if you know how to use it.

Starting an online presence can be daunting, tedious & last but not least, VERY time consuming. Everyone can start an online profile, but managing it is essential.

That's what I am here for !

As a Photographer who has done everything from food photography to product photos, weddings and clothing - I have a lot of experience in different areas, which is why I decided to start this venture, not only do I have photography and social media experience but I have worked on the cruise ships & America in the food and beverage industry, I have a vast knowledge of food and travel as well as international experience in all these fields.

I am always looking at the latest trends on social media & continuously interested in how to better a company or small business.

My packages will be various and will include Photography & Videography of your business, products or events - editing these images and uploading them for you. Working with you to portray your business the way you have in mind. 

Some other offers will include - creating logos, websites, blogs, business cards, printed books, portfolios & event invites and specials.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

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My new packages will be released SOON !

Also stay tuned for some SPECIALS & PRIZES !

I am planning on having a GIVEAWAY in December to start the year out fresh with me as your content manager ! 


Contact  / 081 304 3066

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Please send me any inquiries, feedback or just general L O V E.

Thank you !