Congratulations !!!

This is one of the most amazing times in your life. You have found your soul-mate & it's so much more special than anything you could ever imagine.

You have come to the hub of Photography & Videography - the best way to record and remember these special moments forever.

Here you will find all my prices, processes & how to go about booking and making sure I am available for your special days.


The WHY.

I am passionate about the moments that make my life more beautiful. My job happens to make everyone's lives a little prettier, last a little longer & feel a little louder.

I know how it feels to start planning a wedding and start jotting down numbers, budgets BLAH BLAH - it's so boring and I feel that it gets in the way of what's important. For me, the money is not important while I plan my wedding, It's the memories that are left behind. I don't want to be left behind with a set of 50 images that cut the moments in half - I want to see every angle, tear, blurry mistake.. why? I find it beautiful. It's never going to be perfect. So why not have these individual special moments of happiness tucked away in your photo album? I don't see why not?

I want to bring joy to peoples memories and wedding days / planning - not stress and money dilemmas. I truly am passionate about the Photography I do & my quest is to seek couples who are just as fun, in love & happy as I am.

My packages are designed for everyone, If you like my work, hire me. 

Let's make the world a better, prettier place.

Contact me to make your memories last FOREVER.

Below is my prices

Engagement session

Every engagement shoot is different & unique.

So you're engaged now & it's a HUGE freaking deal !

There is no moment in your life where you will get to be in this stage of your life again with your special person, I think this is exactly the kind of moment we need to make forever memories.

My engagement shoots are very special to me & I always have so much fun getting to know the couple & laughing the time away.

My packages are super versatile & I love ALL your ideas.

This package includes :

*ALL (yes ALL) your images edited 

*2 different locations

*outfit changes (as many as you like) 

*Usually around 2-3 hours

(don't worry men, these usually include drinks & you get to make your future wife Really happy !

R1 750

Valid all of 2019



I have decided to no longer have tons of packages but rather a base.

Every wedding - no matter the size deserves all the special moments. 

That means NO time limit & NO image amount limit. Instead for this basic charge - 

You get ME, ALL DAY.

No catch. No extra charge.

My reasons are easy and you can read about them here


Meet ups - I would love to get to know you both as a couple, I'd like to figure out what types of images you are wanting what type of people you guys are.

ALSO - I love coffee & meeting new, fun people.

From Getting ready till Uncle Timmy is the last person dancing.

I will be there, FULL COVERAGE.

All images will be edited (of course)

Added options will be available too.

See below for more info.

R12 000

Valid for the full year of 2020

Ad ons


A Videographer will be present for this package add on

including a full wedding video




I am currently starting out fresh with regards to drones and weddings.

I will include aerial images of your wedding venue and wedding party also during creative shoot.

If you choose the video option - this is included.



A second shooter is added to take photos of your guests, the other party getting ready, the different details. Also to be the back-up - The person to continue when I need a break.

This can be discussed in more detail when we meet up. I have a list of talented photographers to second weddings always.


Price Varies


These are high quality photo-books designed and printed for you and your family to view.

A design will be done & then sent for you to look over and confirm.

Different sizes available..


Financial planning available - contact for details

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