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Katie & Dom

February 17th 2019

Naples, Florida - United States of America

Naples Botanical Gardens - 5th Avenue - Naples Pier

Katie & Dom are two incredible individuals who are continuously giving back, they are filled with love for each other and their faith. There love story really is something you watch on TV.

They met out at Florida swamps one evening at a bonfire & Katie was sitting on a tractor tire (a pure representitive of her western self) Dom came over and started a conversation with her but then she had to leave to catch her flight to Iowa to back home for the easter holidays - That entire Easter Dom regretted not getting her name & number. A week after Easter Holidays back at Uni they saw each other again & Dom finally got to ask Katie on a date.

Mass & dinner (Katie's Ideal date) - They swore they would keep in touch and write each other love letters (because what is more romantic than a hand written letter?) 

Katie told her parents about Dom and the next thing she knew she was on a flight SPONTANEOUSLY on her way to Florida. God had a plan for her - She came down to Florida and had a place to stay at a friends house & then she was lucky enough to land a job at a Veterinary clinic on the spot.

They spent the summer together and oh so in love.


They got engaged on the beach in Florida so we really tried to capture them here as they are going to have a SNOWY wedding in Iowa in December.

So in love with them and the fun we had !