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Floral Installations & different types of floral

After a little bit of research and ALOT of hours on pinterest planning my own wedding, I noticed a trend that seemed to be all over - floral installations like CRAZY !

There is so much to love about these installations, they can fit any theme, scheme & love team (see what i did there)

They can be pricey, but fear not. DIY coming to you soon on how to make one yourself !

Neon Signs

Dry Flowers


arch substitute

 ceremony goals 

If this is way too demanding for you to attempt to DIY I highly recommend hiring a professional. Here are a few who are in KZN or will travel to you !

Oh Happy Day DBN (insanely good)

Janique Schoeman (creative & SO well priced)

by Jackie Weddings and functions

The Wedding co sa

New Traditions


So here's the thing right.

Garter throw is fun for everyone, except the bride who has been wearing it all day and then guaranteed the guy who catches it will do something like put it in his mouth or wear it on his head. I mean boys will be boys.

BUT, how cool will it be to throw a ball? Yeah, I'm down for this.

1. This will make a really fun picture during cocktail hour outside?

2. I get to keep my garter that I bought

3. No weird sweaty garter on some guys head (praise the lord)

          how the men will feel                                    how the men will look

a bouquet toss that requires zero throwing skill

This one is actually super fun for all the ladies involved & it's also a bit different.

All you need is ribbons, scissors & yup. that's it.

I have realized though that there may be some complications here.

I think this is time consuming & might be alot of work figuring out the amount of ribbons needed etc.

Also. sometimes it's fun to watch the girls scurry for a flower that symbolizes their future marriage.

BUT nevertheless, a fun alternative

Unique Weddings to suit couples

This has to be my favourite trend ! This has become quite popular in society as well. With everyone accepting more unique looks that relate to who they are, why not take it wedding style?

This is a fun one because it allows you to really put a bit of yourselves into the wedding.

There are a few examples on how to incorporate some of your style or relationship into your wedding.

Pizza Lovers?

Get different flavours delivered with a good catering company, serve them on pretty platters or straight out the box?

Why not?

Maybe you both love Harry Potter

There are so many ways to make it hint without it looking kitch.

Collect potion bottles and add flowers or get a subtle Harry Potter themed cake? Maybe everyone finds their name on a wand.. MAGICAL. ps. South Africans I actually know someone talented who makes WANDS ! @behind_the_scenes_sa

Traveling Theme?

So you travel a lot or aspire to? These are a few weddings with this theme that absolutely nailed the world travel theme.

OR even better, take a look at combining travel & your wedding by ELOPING?

Make it personal & it's all in the details. Make every guest feel unique and special by having miss-matched chairs.


Make your guests feel special with favours that they will actually use & that are also personalized.

 Personalised Key rings                                          Coasters                                       Key Ring with Photo



Eloping has become a popular decision these days because this allows couples to travel & see a place they want to, same price as a wedding & they can also include their honeymoon in the same trip. Inviting only a handful of the closest people or just themselves has been a common thing to happen. Also. Photographs are INSANE from elopements. If you can, DO IT.

I also offer special packages for elopements !  - Coming soon ADVICE on Elopements from South Africa


Bridal Trends

The most important bridal trend is uniqueness to the bride & the small details.



You guessed it ! Pearls are in fash now & why not have pearls on your dress, they are luxe & oh so bridal !

Mesh & Floral 

Mesh overlay & floral creates a soft touch & is so feminine.

This is perfect for a vintage wedding or a wedding that is in a garden or forest.

Crochet  & Aztec

This style is super Bohemian & suits any wedding that has a bride brave enough to wear it !

Stands out & is unique !


I love embroidery so much - it's so unique and special.

It can add colour and authenticity to your wedding & show your personalities.



Stationary is BAAAACK ! I love that stationary is back in fashion!

It's a fun added extra for us photographers to photograph & it also sets the mood for the wedding.

Like these Acrylic invites ! Love these, gives it such a modern look. 


Minimalism can be a safe way to play you stationary because you probably won't have to choose your theme colours before you send out the invites, it can seem modern or fall into any bracket you decide on. I love the minimal look for many reasons, Being versatile would be number one ! - also how cute is the one with the textured writing


Modern with colour blocking is a huge hit right now because this falls closely behind Bohemian-luxe & Modern

Which makes this easy to read, keeps your colours in check & allows you to save money on designing something crazy.

Simple yet Luxurious


Personalised paintings in your invitation or the entire invite is something that really can make your invite stand out. All your guests will see how much effort you went through as well as see how personal it is. Nothing is better than a good painting in an invite. It's a really lovely tool to show creativity & link it to your theme or Venue 


Wedding websites are the greatest thing. No postage & no return post.

Hell yes ! I personally went with this because I firstly know how to design a website & secondly I was in America whilst sending out my invitations and there was no way I was paying the postage that came with it. This is great for destination weddings or weddings that are large.

The options are endless for these & There are so many unique things you can post.

I actually have started to include these in my packages & I'd be happy to create a custom wedding invitation website for you including photographs & all hand-drawn illustrations.

Get in touch if you would like to book me for this !

P.s If you get wedding invitations, make sure to keep one for your photographer to photograph on your special day & make a super unique keepsake for you !

(you're Welcome) - not in voice from Awkward. - TV show

Photography Trends


The most recent Photography trend I have heard of is Photographing your creative portraits on a separate day to your wedding. It's a unique idea because then you can get those shots in the mountains or beaches you have always wanted but also spend more time with your wedding party on your actual wedding day. Although there is a lot of sentimental value in it being THAT day, which makes them special. It's a cool decision if you're tied for time on your wedding day.

Also you might get some really unique wedding photos!

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