To a space where everything is made with LOVE

We are specializing in home decor & functional art

We will be launching a Furniture range at a later stage too.

We hope you enjoy our little shop & if you don't find what you are looking for, pop us a message for some more info on how to get it made for you.

With Love the Beetge sisters



I'm Renee Beetge

The youngest sister by 5 years & most easily the funnest, cutest & Quirkiest of the two. I love art & have always had a keen eye for functional art.

We decided to start this little biz because we both have a passion for things we can't seem to find anywhere (for a decent price)

Our objective is to bring something to the local market that can sell at an affordable price but have a quirky modern look that people are paying absurd amounts for.

I am the researcher, organizer & the hands on Pottery girl.

I will be designing some pieces as well as making them, and in other cases sourcing them from around town - because LOCAL IS LEKKER.

As you all know my sister is the Photographer and owner at Marielle Catherine Photography & she has entrusted me with being the drive behind this business.

We both bring so much love & creativity to this corner & we hope you find what you are looking for + more...


I'm Marielle Beetge

The Older sister, but middle child.

I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer & owner of Marielle Catherine Photography.

I am the Funniest (my sister laughs at my jokes?) of the two of us, I am creative & naturally as a Photographer I am obsessed with creating beautiful spaces and memories.

Naturally, this is how this business came about. I have been shopping for my new place with my Fiance & I just can't seem to find what I am looking for at the price point I am looking for. So heck yes, I'm going to make it or get it made.

My sister and I also happened to grow up in one of thee most creative households you ever did see, Mom is a science teacher & freaking artist.

We are two peas in a pod & we love hanging out together because we always make good fun & laugh for hours on end.

Renee has worked on millions of Photography projects with me before this and we knew this would be the perfect way to spend more time together and get creative.

I will be leading the Photography (duh), Marketing & creative drawing side. We will both be making and creating together though.



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