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Tanya &Jason

On a sunny evening in Naples, FL - I got to photograph this GORGEOUS couple while they were enjoying their baby moon. Jason & Tanya met at work & their relationship has been a wonderful adventure & they are about to start an amazing new adventure by bringing a little girl into their lives. I have no doubt that Jason has his dad jokes up to par & Tanya is ready to dress her in thee most stunning dresses & flower crowns.

I had the best time laughing and chatting to these two on this eve.

Just look at her GLOW.

They also have chosen an amazing name for their little one (which shall remain a secret) 

I cannot wait to follow their amazing journey & see their little family grow.

Jason - You are incredibly lucky to have someone like Tanya who is astonishingly beautiful & friendly & kind-hearted.

Tanya - You are equally as lucky to have J, he is patient, friendly & head over heels in love with you.

GOODLUCK - I will be following you and I hope to run into you & your little glow in the near future.

LOCATION - Naples Pier USA

DRESS - Forever 21 

FLOWER CROWN - Marielle Beetge Photography (jack of all trades)